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Tarragona + Winery Familia Torres

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A fascinating journey of one day, with a visit to the oldest city of the Roman era – Tarragona and famous Winery Familia Torres

In the name of this city, one can easily guess the association with the color “terracotta”, for those who are interested in historical events more deeply – an association with the times of the powerful Roman Empire on the territory of the Iberian Peninsula! The era of legionnaires, Caesar, the Senate, the Republic, Latin – this is not all that the Roman Empire will bring to the territory of future Spain, but this will become our main motive for traveling to Colonia Urbis Triumphalis – the name of the period of the Roman Empire, as well as its Iberian name – Tarraco (Tarragona).

Departure day and trip cost as agreed!

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We are sure that after visiting this city you will leave for yourself the name that will appeal to you! The road from the Costa Brava will take about 2 hours, but this is almost the entire stage of the trip, you will be involved in a meaningful story and the history of places along which the journey takes place!

Passing at the entrance to the city of el Puente del Diablo - the oldest Roman aqueduct, then, already within the "old city", you will be expected:
- the fortress gate el Portal del Roser and the authentic part of the fortress wall,
- "Grain" Plaza de Palliol,
- an exposition at the 3rd level - more precisely the 3rd plateau, where ancient Tarragona was located, and where its historical part is now located,
- Palace of the Governor of Rome (Pretori Roma),
- Roman forum,
- The cathedral, whose construction began in the XII century, on the site of one of the oldest churches of the Christian era of Spain, 382 AD.

The logical continuation of our trip to Tarragona will also be visiting a place where we will see a mix of 2 eras, it is known as the “Mediterranean Balcony" - a coastal hill, it offers a beautiful view of the coast, the city and the Roman amphitheater, much more ...

Leaving Tarragona, we will go to the area of ​​Vilafranca del Penedès - the place where the wine brand Torres was born.


The road along the Costa Dorada will take us to Vilafranca del Penedès, known in the world of wine and brandy lovers as the main office of the Torres winery.

In the distant 1870, Torres declared himself as a full-fledged family business, but a little earlier - in 1855, Jaime Torres was born, that person thanks to whom this will become possible! Like most modest, Catalan families, having decided to take a chance and find himself in the newly opened colonies, after 15 long years he will return back to Catalonia and give a start to his family business.

“Money that does not work is dead money,” as Jaime Torres will say, and of course he will be right. The name of this “family-owned” enterprise will fly around the world over time, which can be easily seen by looking at the sales card at the entrance!

You can make sure that it is:
- delicious,
- Very unusual,
- leaves only positive emotions!

On the territory of the winery, we will have a sightseeing tour of the winery itself and its vineyards by train, tasting various varieties of drinks, the opportunity to purchase, and save Excellent Emotion in a convenient package!

The total time spent visiting the Torres Family Enterprise is about 2 hours.


  • A comfortable bus ride
  • Escort by a Russian-speaking guide
  • Entrance tickets (where provided by the program)
  • Food (take lunch boxes with you)
  • Personal expenses


8 - 10 Hours



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Created with Sketch. Vilafranca del Penedès, Spain
Created with Sketch.
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