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South of France (Perpignan and Collioure)

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9-10 hours

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Specific Tour

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55 people


English, Polish, Russian


The history of Catalonia extends far beyond the borders of the current borders, we will turn to the closest neighbor of Catalonia and Spain, the main opponent of most historical events – France! It is on the territory of modern France, part of the Languedoc-Roussillon provinces, since 2016, the L’Occitanie region, that there are 2 cities of interest to us during the tour – Perpignan and Collioure


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Perpignan is a true French city, but it is a city with Catalan traditions.

The outcome of the end of the 30-year war will become extremely difficult for Spain, the “Iberian contract” will deprive it of the main cities in the south of France:
- "eastern gate" in the Pyrenees - the city of Perpignan,
- pearls of the "purple coast" Cote Vermeille.
Catalan flags, the official status of the “center of Catalan culture” of the city, and of course the Frenchman’s respect for most historical sites, reminiscent of the old, Catalan part of history, when visiting Perpignan, are:
- the creation of the genius of engineering and military thought Sebastian Vauban (Sébastien Le Prestre, marquis de Vauban),
- Fort Le Castillet,
- Cathedral of St. 14th century John
- the work of Aristide Maillol (Aristide Maillol),
- Galeries Lafayette Gallery
And much more, during an hour walk with a guide in the heart of the old city (1 sq. Km), and free time of at least 1 hour 30 minutes! French shops, cafes, friendly citizens - at your disposal!

Having finished a short excursion to Perpignan, and again meeting with the guide after free time, you will go to conquer the pearl of the "purple coast" - Collioure


The artists' statement that the world is not perfect, therefore they give it additional colors, does not concern Collioure, an unusual combination of elements, land, sea, human handiwork - fortresses, forts, did not leave indifferent the creators of the Fauvism / “wild” style, and they also inspired the creation of landscapes by Mathis (Henri Matiss) and Derain (André Derain), one of which later says that if there was a paradise on earth, he could very well have been in Collioure!


  • A comfortable bus ride
  • Escort by a Russian-speaking guide
  • Entrance tickets (where provided by the program)
  • Food (take lunch boxes with you)
  • Personal expenses


8 - 10 Hours



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Created with Sketch. Perpignan, France
Created with Sketch.
from €52,00

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