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Natural Park La Garrocha

Created with Sketch. LA GARROTXA, Santa Pau, Spain


10 hours

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Daily Tour

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55 people


English, Polish, Russian


Following the principle of informing our client “all the best” – we present to your attention an author’s trip La Garrocha! What will be created by nature, will acquire its natural beauty, and will be multiplied by the hardworking Catalans, we will turn into a vivid ethnographic trip the foothills of the Pyrenees – the natural park of La Garrocha!

What awaits us?
* medieval town of Santa Pau
* the most famous city in this area is Rupit i Pruit.
* delicious lunch in a traditional Catalan restaurant!

Turning our attention from most of the famous and traditional trips of the Costa Brava / Costa Maresme coast, we will focus on La Garrocha Park. The territory of this park is not only a place for various walks, but also the territory of sleeping volcanoes … you must admit, it’s not often in your life to visit such places.

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Santa Pau

The first point of our trip will be the city of Santa Pau, which will give you an accurate idea of ​​the traditional way of life of the Catalans.

Downtown Santa Pau, just over 40 square meters. km., has a beautifully preserved old part, which at first glance is formidable and impregnable, but this is only at first glance! All the walls of the fortress are open to the public! A large number of old streets and alleys will contribute to a leisurely story and a walk within it, creating an easy touch of mysticism and immersion in a kind of quest!

Mobile communication does not work here, there are places where daylight does not fall, in a word, quest + easy intrigue, transferring beyond time and epochs ...

A little more than 40 minutes and we will arrive in a city where there may have been witches, there is definitely no road, sidewalk, as volcanic lava, which remained here after the eruption of the 15th century to this day, occupies its place.

It is extremely enticing and informative, integrally and harmoniously conveying what the Catalan character is, what is the ethnos of people who have been living here for more than one century, but who have managed to increase the dignity of their places during this time, who have fallen into all sorts of guides to visit and are protected by UNESCO!

A leisurely lunch in a restaurant with Catalan cuisine will be the logical conclusion of this day!


  • A comfortable bus ride
  • Escort by a Russian-speaking guide
  • Entrance tickets (where provided by the program)
  • Food (take lunch boxes with you)
  • Personal expenses


8 - 10 Hours



Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. LA GARROTXA, Santa Pau, Spain
Created with Sketch.
from €1,00


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