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French Riviera

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2 days

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French Riviera (Côte d’Azur) as the name of the coast, stretching across France to the border with Italy, appeared relatively recently (late 19th century), but deeply sunk into the souls of lovers of beauty long before that!

We suggest you take a 2-day excursion, see, understand and accept what attracts a large number of visitors from year to year!

Our trip consists of several parts, and includes a visit, as well as a detailed acquaintance with cities such as:

  • Nice
  • Monaco
  • Monte Carlo
  • Sanremo
  • Èze – «city of perfumers»


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The first city on our route will be Nice! You will have 1 hour of walking with a guide through the old part of the city, where you can see:
- "English" embankment and the boulevard,
- the famous hotel Negresco (Hôtel Negresco),
- Square and Palace Massena (palace Massena),
- Opera House (L'Opéra Nice Côte d'Azur),
- “Russian” quarter and church (La Cathédrale orthodoxe russe Saint-Nicolas),
And necessarily free time, at least 1 hour 30 minutes


Then 30-40 minutes and you will be met by Monaco, a small by the standards of Europe, but very wealthy principality, with tough financial laws, the unconditional income of the prince’s subjects (Monegasques) - 5,000 euros / month, and traditional places to visit the most interesting places:
- Cathedral (la cathédrale de Monaco),
- Gardens of Princess Grace (La Roseraie Princesse Grace),
- Oceanographic Museum Jacques-Yves Cousteau (Musée océanographique de Monaco),
- Palace Square and the personal dynastic residence of Grimaldi (Prince's Palace of Monaco), who knocked on the gates of this city in the 12th century under the guise of travelers, and so they stayed here ...

1 hour of review in the company of the guide, and 1 hour 30 minutes of free time, after which Monte Carlo awaits you!

Monte Carlo

The main attraction of Monte Carlo, for many years there is and will be one of the oldest casinos in Europe!
You will have the opportunity to visit it in the same way, it is open to anyone who visits, but access to the game room, only by dress code, those dressed differently, other rooms are available with the ability to make a bet, etc.

We guarantee you at least 1 hour 30 minutes of free time, after which we will have a short trip to Italy - the city of San Remo

San Remo

Having stayed at the hotel, we will part with you until the morning, and after breakfast (included in the price of the trip), you will have a sightseeing tour of the central (historical) part of the city and 2 hours of free time!
At your disposal and within walking distance:
- Concert Hall "Ariston" (venue of the famous music festival),
- Church of Christ the Savior (Chiesa Russa),
- authentic part of the city,
As well as numerous shops, coffee houses, restaurants, promenade, beach, etc.
Next, a brief collection, departure from the hotel, and arrival in the "city of perfumers" Ez, this city and its surroundings are described in the famous work "Perfumer", and here are located one of the main perfume factories in the world,
- Galimard
- Fragonard
A factory specialist, fluent in Russian, will guide you through one of them, tell you about the history of appearance and development, you will have free time, including in order to purchase something in factory shops


The final point of our 2-day trip will be the city of Cannes, the “Mecca” of cinema and the venue of the famous festival, one of the favorite vacation spots of the Russian dynastic family!
- 1 hour sightseeing walk with a guide,
- 1 hour 30 minutes of free time,
- the Red carpet,
- Palace of Festivals (Palais des Festivals et des Congrès),
- promenade de la Croisette,
- an observation deck at the foot of Castro Castle (Musee de la Castre),
And much more at your service!


  • A comfortable bus ride
  • Escort by a Russian-speaking guide
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Entrance tickets (where provided by the program)
  • Meals (except breakfast at the hotel)
  • Personal expenses


2 Days



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Created with Sketch. Nice, France
Created with Sketch.
from €205,00

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