What is Concierge Service?

Concierge – who is he? Concierge Service – what is it about? The dynamics of our lives do not always allow us to dispose of the most valuable own time.

We are pleased to present the services of Concierge Service of our company!

In our everyday life with you, we often encounter concierge services, but often do not think (do not pay attention) about how convenient it is, I suggest figuring out what and where you can be useful for you!

The classic concierge of medieval Europe was primarily designed to maintain comfort and coziness in the homes of noble masters – why aren’t you gentlemen?

We will go a little further, and are ready to offer you a whole range of services that makes your vacation and permanent residence in the autonomous communities of Catalonia, Valencia, Madrid, Andorra, the south of France as comfortable and convenient as possible!

Think about something nice, necessary, very necessary. Have you thought? We can do it!

Range of Concierge Services features and services

The range of functions and services that we undertake is quite wide:

  • Courier and transport services
  • Shopping organization, brand consultation
  • Booking tickets
  • Organization of leisure and entertainment of any form and direction
  • Business services:
    * simultaneous, oral, written translations, etc.
    * organization of conferences, meetings, etc. full service
  • Real Estate and Finance:
    * selection and support of rent, purchase / sale of real estate of any form of ownership
    * support in obtaining primary documents
    * support in opening current accounts
    * managing your property
    * conducting an audit
  • Rent of any kind of transport
  • Training
  • Medicine
  • Domestic services of any complexity
  • Custom orders
  • Caprice Category

All you need is to write / call us, we will be happy to be of service!